Dr Leonard Tan

Dr Leonard Tan

Dr Leonard graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2001. He was in government service for fours years serving the Singapore Armed Forces as an overall-in-charge combining both clinical and leadership roles. He transitioned to private practice thereafter to pursue his interest in oral implants, attending many training courses, including an intensive 2 year programme culminating in a Master of Science Certificate in Oral Implantology conferred by the prestigious Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dr Leonard combines in-depth knowledge with technical expertise. His European training guides him to take a conservative approach in his treatment planning, expousing first and foremost, the principle of maintaining the healthy function of your own existing teeth, before recommending replacement options for missing teeth.

“I enjoy the challenges of negotiating the complex factors that affect the delivery of effective treatment. My greatest satisfaction comes when I am able to provide a solution that both pleases my patient and is also grounded on sound scientific principles.”

In line with that, Dr Leonard is especially adept in endodontics to save viable teeth from having to be extracted. Through sophisticated microscope equipment and the latest rotrary instruments, root canal treatments become quicker and predictable. He also has a keen interest in the latest invisible aligners for teeth and is a fully trained and certified provider of the market-leading Invisalign treatment. Dr Leonard continually keeps up with the latest in dental developments to ensure his patients receive only the best treatment possible.

Outside of his full work schedule, his family of four children keeps him busy, he enjoys bringing them on hiking trips to experience the great outdoors.