Comprehensive dental treatment utilizing the most advanced dental technology. Quality dentistry need not be expensive, here at High Road Dental And Implant Centre. Our passion and drive to serve the community cements our commitment to providing dental treatment of the highest quality while keeping them easy on the pocket. Expect effective dental solutions delivered with the most impeccable service


Oral Implants

The most advanced solution for missing teeth, with well-documented research and evidence. Our dentists are highly trained with years of experience to ensure predictable outcomes. From single tooth replacement to multiple teeth, we are your one-stop centre for implant dentistry.

Professional Clean

At High Road Dental, we pride ourselves on giving the most gentle, yet most thorough, clean possible using the latest dental technology. Many people have commented that our professional cleanings are the best they have ever had! Come experience it for yourself.


Market-leading invisible teeth aligning treatment based on the most advanced predictive computer software programmes, Invisalign offers versatility and convenience. The aligners are removable, making it easy to clean your teeth and still enjoy your eating. It is also much less painful compared to conventional fixed braces.

Comprehensive Dentistry

The full range of general dental care including fillings, teeth whitening, root canal treatments, teeth removal, removable dentures, crowns and bridges, children dentistry.

Sleep Dentistry

There is no need to dread dental visits. Have that dental procedure done while you sleep! Come for a consult to discuss the full range of sleep dentistry we offer.

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