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Same-day Dental Crowns

What are Crowns?

Think of crowns as a protective caps for teeth.  A crown wraps around the tooth so that it holds the tooth together, preventing chipping, hairline cracks, fractures that can all result in tooth loss otherwise. Crowns are also used to protect teeth that have undergone root canal treatments.

Same-day Crowns FAQ

What are "Same-Day" Crowns?

For crown treatment, we used to prepare the tooth, take a mould of the tooth, fabricate a temporary plastic crown which will tide the patient over the three weeks until the permanent porcelain crown arrives from the external laboratory.  

Gone are those days!  State-of-the-art 3D scanner Primescan provides accurate digital impressions of the teeth, eliminating the errors inherent in analogue impressions, resulting in superior fit and marginal integrity.  We are most proud to offer patients same day ceramic crowns, investing heavily in sophisticated scanners and printers which allow us to custom-design and mill your crown within the same day.  You need only 45 minutes in the dental chair during which we prepare the tooth, scan your teeth.  Then off you go for a break, you are most welcome to enjoy our comfortable reception while waiting, you can also go shopping to while away the 45 minutes during which your crown will be designed and milled.  Another 15 minutes will be all you need to get your new crown fitted and cemented.  Dental technology has indeed come a long way, our dentists continue to keep abreast of the latest developments and spare no expense in procuring the most up-to-date equipment because our patients deserve the very best

How does it work with Root Canals?

Crowns are used to protect teeth that have undergone root canal treatments. The removal of the nerve after root canal treatment results in reduced sensory and many times the tooth had to undergo root canal treatment because it had extensive decay which cause weakening of the tooth structure.  Crowns are an excellent treatment mode to preserve tooth function and extend longevity.